Seven Story Brewing

Location: Pittsford, NY

Overall Rating: 7.6 / 10

Brews: 5/5. Great selection and we all loved what we got. I tried and love both the Can’t See the Line (Galaxy Mosaic IPA) and We’ve Got Snacks Now (Lemon Lime Kolsh.) (We agreed that Kolsh could be dangerous…) Liz tried For the Weekend (Double IPA) and Turning Violet (Blueberry Berliner Weisse.) Tiff ordered a combination of both.

Bills: 0/5. Unfortunately, not even a bills sticker to be seen.

Food: n/a

Service: 5/5. Because of covid and social distancing, our server greeted us after running up a hill! He was friendly and helpful and even had a hometown connection to our friend Tiff!

Atmosphere: 5/5. This brewery was right on the Erie Canal in Pittsford. There isn’t a ton of parking at the brewery, but we parked down the street and walked. Overall, the place was clean and decorated with lights, fire pits, and Adirondack chairs.

Price: 4/5. On average $8 a brew. Slightly pricier than some breweries but definitely worth the money.

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