Lafayette Brewing Company

Location: Buffalo, NY

Overall Rating: 7/10

Brews: 4/5. The Lafeyette Brewing Company featured 8 beers on tap that included lagers, IPAS, porters, and more. Liz and I both ordered the Terminator (American IPA) and agreed it standard IPA. Tiff grabbed a Lackawanna Lager and had the same reaction. The brews were straightforward and we’d recommend.

Bills: 0/5. How is it we are in the heart of Buffalo and this brewery doesn’t have one bills item?! Disappointing.

Food: 5/5. Because of the current food mandate NYS has set forward, we had to order something. We decided to try the pretzel fries. WOW! These little things were fantastic! I literally want to find out how to make them or go back just for the pretzel fries. Oh… and they were only $1.25. 

Service: 3.5/5. The service started out as a 5, but took a dive when we waited forever the check. With that being said, our waitress was super friendly and that counts for so much these days!

Atmosphere: 4/5. The atmosphere of this brewery was a little different than ones we’ve been to before. (Yes, we’ve been to more than just Seven Story.) You could tell the brewery was in an older building, just by the architecture. I looked it up and the adjacent Hotel Lafayette has been around for 115 years! I’m not surprised. I ventured upstairs to the bathroom (large and clean!) and found the place quaint and cute, even though it was quiet and empty. We also agreed that it would be a cool wedding venue. (Don’t worry, none of us are walking down the aisle anytime soon.) I did appreciate the music selection which played some alternative including an all time favorite: Angela by the Lumineers. We hit the jackpot with parking since the street was closed so I’m not sure we can fairly comment on that.

Price: 4.5. Beers were $6-$7. Very average.

Overall, we agree’d we like to come back. Maybe on a busier night. Or for a wedding. Send us an invite!

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