Buffalo Brewing Company

Location: Buffalo, NY

Overall Rating: 5.8/10

Brews: 1.5/5. Remember when you were a kid and you did something wrong and your parents were like “I’m not mad, i’m disappointed.” And you’re like, that’s actually worse…. Well, that’s me at Buffalo Brewing Company. 

I got a Vienna lager, which I didn’t like. (Probably my own fault because I don’t like Vienna Lagers. LOL) Liz and Tiff were very excited by the prospect of trying a Loganberry beer, which definitely wasn’t great. They weren’t flat and they contained alcohol, garnering them a solid 1.5/5 points.


Food: n/a.

Service: 5/5. The barkeep was actually super nice and informative. He let me try a beer before selecting and didn’t get frustrated when we took a bit to order. 

Atmosphere: 4/5. Honestly, this place was actually pretty cute. It was super small, and we stayed outside on their patio. The twinkle lights were a cute aesthetic and we loved the big chair! It was a chilly night so a few more heating stands would have been nice. P.S. They had a dog bowl with water out so it seems like this place is pup friendly!

Price: 4/5. Average prices.

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