Rockmill Brewery

Location: Lancaster, OH

Overall Rating: 9.4/10

I know what you’re thinking. This is supposed to be a Buffalo based brewery blog. And it is, I promise! It’s just a momentary pause since Liz and I went out of town for a wedding outside of Columbus, Ohio. A colleague at work HIGHLY recommended this place and the bills and brews babes just couldn’t resist a brewery adventure…

We’re also welcoming the first bud of the blog this week: my mom, Joanne! Rock Mill was her first brewery experience and she enjoyed it. (She admitted she envisioned us in damp bar basements. LOL.)

Brews: 4.5. FLIGHTS! (Can someone make a remix to Shots by LMFAO and it just be the word flights?!  Bills and Brews Babes will pay you in beer…) Fantastic selection of beer. (Naturally, Liz and I both liked the selection of IPAs on draft.) Joanne stuck with a pilsner. When asked her thoughts on it she said and I quote “It’s not Busch or Bud Light…”

Bills: n/a. We’re in the middle of browns and bengals territory so we had low expectations. 

Food: 4.5. The food was overall pretty good here. Joanne loved her sandwiches. Liz said the pizza was mediocre but not life changing. The standout dish here was the marinated olives. I think we were all fighting for the last one.

Service: 5. Everyone was so friendly. Food came out quick, and the brews quicker!

Atmosphere: 5. 

Price: 4.5. Average pricing overall. Might be slightly on the higher end but well worth it.

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