Pearl Street Brewery

Location: Buffalo, NY

Overall Rating: 6.5/10. 

Brews: 2/5. None of us were impressed by the brews we selected. Liz and I both got IPAs and Tiff got a cherry wheat beer which she disliked. 

Bills: 2/5. I’m not even commenting on this anymore.

Food: 3.4/5. The food category was a little divisive among the babes. I got chicken fingers and fries. I ordered hot- but they were not very spicy. Bonus points for it including bleu cheese. Liz ate a burger, which was good but nothing special. Tiff ordered a cheesy pasta that just wasn’t that great and took a few points off the rating.

Service: 3.273/5. Our waitress was really nice but it took forever to get our food and the bill. She was sweet enough to take some great pictures of us. 

Atmosphere: 4/5. It was really quiet but still a cool place. You can tell it’s a poppin place when it’s busy or during a Bills game. Also, we parked super close which is always a plus!

Price: 5/5. Pricing was great.

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