Steelbound Brewery and Distillery

Location: Ellicottville, NY

Overall Rating: 7.16/10. A true Buffalo number. This is a sweet spot and a must if you’re visiting Ellicottville. (We recommend the Sky High Coaster at Holiday Valley.) We also welcome our second bud of the blog, Sarah!! Sarah is Liz’s older sister and sometimes mistaken as her twin! (She also thought we called guests “butts” of the blog. LOL.) Spoiler alert: Sarah will be back as a bud soon!

Brews: 5. Liz and I both got flights of 6. We both tried: Sponge Bomb, Last Minute IPA, and Big Boy Pants. (I also got Hefelumps and Weizels, Purple Reign, and Tequila Mockingbird. Liz also got Red, White & Blueberry, Little Green Martians, and Blueballs Blueberry Wheat.) Wow, Liz got TWO blueberry beers. Shocker! 😉 

Overall, all the beers were good. The Big Boy Pants has an unusually high alcohol content but great flavor. There weren’t any that were a hard no for us.

Bills: 1. Sad. The only #billsmafia representation was an employee with a mafia mask.

Food: 4.5. Our table included a burger and fries, fried cheese curds and stuffed banana peppers. They were all good and we’d recommend.

Service: 3. This one got us mixed feelings. Our server was average but we chatted with a few others who were quite friendly. The real hit to this rating was the fact we waited about 40 minutes for a table. This wouldn’t be a problem but the restaurant was empty and when I checked in on our seat they had bar tables they hadn’t offered originally… 

Atmosphere: 4. Steelbound is huge and has some awesome vibes. There’s a cohesive theme throughout, which is funky but fun. 

Price: 4.

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