Wood Kettle Brewing

Location: Hilton, NY

It’s finally Friday! I know, I’m a day late from the usual blog post but the first full week back is always a drag…

I’m going to start off a disclaimer with this post and the fact that it’s going to be short. This wasn’t our favorite brewery. It wasn’t bad, just wasn’t our vibe. It might be yours, and that’s great!

From the moment we pulled into the rather odd parking lot, Wood Kettle Brewing seemed like a spot that we’d miss when driving by. It was just in an odd area for a brewery. Come to find out it used to be a daycare, which truly explained it all.

When we walked in, the brewery was nice but it was DEAD SILENT. Like so quiet. Whispers felt like screams. We ordered flights and waited for dinner. Honestly, the beer selection was pretty good. Liz and I liked our flight choices. Our buds of the blog, Lee and Anna, thought their single beer choice was okay. 

I will mention that while waiting for food, music did start which HELPED the atmosphere a lot. The food was alright, sandwiches around. We did order nachos to share and those were pretty yummy. I mean can you really mess up Nachos?!

I’m not sure we’d be obsessed with heading up to Wood Kettle again but I think giving it another try, during non-covid times wouldn’t hurt!

Sorry for the late post this week but better late then never? And GO BILLS!!!

Overall Rating: 5/10
Beer: 4/5.
Food: 4/5.
Service: 2.75/5.
Venue: 2/5
Price: 2.5/5. Definitely on the pricier end.

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