New York Beer Project-Victor

Location: Victor, NY

Do you ever just need a cute little date night with your best friend? One where you get all dressed up, put some makeup on and do your hair, and you take yourselves out for dinner and drinks? 

Liz and I desperately needed that and so we went to New York Beer Project- Victor! Now usually, we like to go the flagship locations of breweries but we’ve both been to the OG NYBP and neither of us had been to the one in Victor so VOILA!

First let me start by saying this place is MASSIVE. Like it’s a huge building, especially compared to some of the other breweries we’ve visited. It was right before Christmas, so it was heavily decorated and very cute. It was also quite busy- we had to wait and our waitress seemed to be running around from table to table. (Yes, we’re still in a pandemic.)

Instead of getting our own meals, we decided to split two appetizers: Boom Boom Shrimp and Nachos. (Sometimes I feel like this should be a nacho-brewery blog….) The boom boom shrimp was AMAZING. Liz and I were practically fighting for the last piece. Their sauce recipe was perfect! Don’t worry the nachos were good too- and they came with guac.

So let’s get into the beer a little bit since that’s why we’re all here right? (Especially, since Buffalo Bills energy was nonexistent.) We liked the beer a lot, hence the reason we gave it a 5/5. There was a pretty long draft list as well. However, we have to mention when deciding on our flight options, there were quite a few that were out of stock. 😦 This was kind of a bummer. On the flip side, our waitress did let us try a sample of a specialty peppermint beer. It was good but I think a sample was all I could drink. 

I liked New York Beer Project quite a bit and my company even better. It was perfect for what we were looking for. It does feel a tiny bit corporate because of how big it is. But that’s just my personal opinion. Maybe one day we will venture over to the one in Lockport to visit together. Liz has been more recently than me so I’m sure it’s changed.

Go Bills!!

Overall: 7.3/10
Beer: 5/5.
Bills: .5/5. (A Buffalo based brewery should have more….)
Food: 5/5
Service: 3.75/5 
Venue/Atmosphere: 4/5
Price: 3.75/5. 

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