Dublin Corners Farm Brewery

Location: Linwood, NY

Y’all I don’t have a snazzy opener this week. What is wrong with me? Maybe I need a beer…

This week we’re heading to Dublin Corners Farm Brewery in Linwood. Do you know where Linwood is? Because I didn’t. Liz did though! 🙂

First impressions: This is a farm brewery. It’s next to someones house and you have to pass some sort of garden with what we’d assume were hops. (Do you grow hops in a garden? I don’t know…) However, we went inside a small barn type structure to get some flights. There was a ton of outdoor seating available with fire pits as well. 

I was impressed that a smaller brewery like this had flights available. Unfortunately, Liz and I both agreed we weren’t in love with our choices of beer. They just felt a little one dimensional to us. Just our opinions. 

Even with the beer not being our favorite, we still really liked this place. The atmosphere was cool, the pricing was good, and the service was great. They also have a taproom in Geneseo that we’d like to check out at some point!


Overall: 7.4/10
Beer: 2.5/5
Bills: 2/5 (They do have a tv and do show games!)
Food: n/a
Service: 5/5 
Venue/Atmosphere: 5/5
Price: 4/5

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