Sager Beer Works

Location: Rochester, NY

What are the names of the Babes?
Who is going to win the Super Bowl in 2022?
What number blog post is this?
**See below for answers!

Can you believe this is our 17th blog post?! I know you all got that right since it is the same number as our angel Josh Allen! 17 down and so many more to go! We love doing this and sharing our experiences with you and we’re hoping to make it even more awesome. Stay tuned! 🙂 

This #thirstythursday we’re talking about Sager Beer Works in Rochester. First impressions of the place: Looks cool. Parking is weird. But hey, you know the old saying: Don’t judge a brewery by it’s parking.

On true Thursday fashion, we showed up for Trivia. We also had a new bud of the blog, Tara! Tara is Liz’s former college roommate and friend. We were so excited to get another bud to enjoy some brews with us. 

So back to Trivia at Sager! There were only about 4 teams playing. Our team was the Josh Allen Dad Staches. (Did you expect anything else?!) We hung in there and excelled in some categories (geography and music) and failed miserably when it came to Big Bang Theory. Also- shout out to Team Bumble Bees!

Our table was also full of beer and food as well. We got this huge pretzel thing to share (since it was a deal when you bought beer and played trivia.) It was super delicious and very filling. We also got some other snacks and dishes around the table that were good but nothing that stood out otherwise. 

We didn’t win at trivia. 😦 We did earn some Sager bucks which were redeemable for some money off our checks. 

We also got a sweet picture with everyone at trivia! If any of you are following us, PLEASE reach out and let’s do it again. 🙂

Overall: 6.9/10
Beers: 3.75/5
Bills: 0/5
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 5/5
Venue: 4.5/5
Price: 4/5. Very average. 

**Trivia Answers:
Krista, Liz, Tiff
Buffalo Bills

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