Thin Man Brewery

Location: Buffalo, NY

“This place is a fucking gem.” -Anonymous

Yes, yes it is. We don’t disagree with our bud who chose to stay anonymous. This place is awesome. It was no disappointment as the Babes took on the Elmwood location. 

Of course one of the first things we asked about when we sat down was flights. Here is an accurate but not verbatim conversation that was had:

Krista: “So how many beers come in a flight?”
Waitress: “As many as you’d like.”
Krista: “What do you mean as many? Like what’s the max?”
Waitress: “There is no max.”
Krista: “So we can get one of each type of beer on draft?”
Waitress: “Yes.”

Beautiful. Moving. Inspirational. Tears were shed.

But seriously, their flights were the brewery’s logo and fit 8 samples. However, you could get additional. Unfortunately, there was some confusion around what beers were on draft or only available in bottle so I only got 7 and Liz got 5. Rough life, I know. To be honest, this was a hard place to keep the beers straight because of the sheer amount of ones we were able to try. However, we did give it a good rating meaning we enjoyed them. 

Now, let’s talk about the food. We shared some truffle fries and an order of nachos. Wow. Both were delicious! I loved the nachos and they were some of the best we’ve had. Definitely a must if you stop by. 

I will definitely be headed back to Thin Man. For me, it wasn’t just the beer and food that was great. The vibe inside, the service, the atmosphere was all great. And so was the laughs, smiles, and memories!

P.S.- On our way to hit up another brewery after Thin Man we got a little mixed up downtown. As we were trying to figured out where we were, I realized we were at Johnnie B. Wiley Amateur Athletic Sports Pavilion. Also known as the former grounds of War Memorial Stadium. AKA, the original playing fields of the Buffalo Bills. 

We quickly pulled over to get a photo and take it all in. In a way, this is where it all started. It was a brief moment but something I’ll never forget.

FYI… This is in a very unsavory section of Buffalo. In fact, when I was talking to my dad about War Memorial he explicitly shared with me how dangerous of an area it is. (Dad- if you’re reading this, we were safe!!) So take note if you ever want to visit. And remember, bad sections don’t define a city. 

P.S.S.- I googled why this place is called Thin Man Brewery. Like where they got the name and it’s not listed on their website. WHY!? 

Overall: 8.9/10
Beers: 4.25/5
Bills: 3/5. They have a beer called Pills Mafia. It’s pretty well known.
Food: 5/5
Service: 5/5. Fantastic service!
Venue: 5/5
Price: 4.5/5. Price was great for the amount of food and beer.

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