Three Heads Brewing

Location: Rochester, NY

Happy Sunday y’all! This week we’re heading to Atlantic Ave in Rochester to check out Three Heads Brewing. Three Heads was officially started in 2010 but the idea and love for beer goes far beyond that with a group of friends in a Rochester suburb. In fact, their website states their brewery is “a perfect combination of talent, friendship, and commitment to great beer.” That feels like what we stand for too.

We visited the brewery on a chilly Saturday night and slipped in right before the crowds started. They definitely have some limited seating space due to COVID but i think the aesthetic would be awesome for a live music night. (Also, I feel like I know a great brand that would fit here aesthetically.) There was a weird banquet room that we couldn’t quite figure out. I’m not sure if it’s something opened for extra seating or special events but it felt out of place to us.

But you’re coming to a brewery not just for the venue but for the beer too. And you can’t go wrong with Three Heads. I ordered a flight of 3 IPAs and none disappointed. The staff was super friendly and the bartender spent quite a bit of time discussing each of the IPAs and what I should be tasting for in each. I got the Ha Ha Nelso NEPIA, the Sprucifer IPA, and the Two Kind Double IPA-which was my favorite. I will say Mr. Bartender told me to look for some piney undertones in the Sprucifer and Liz and I picked them out quickly. 

Another favorite at the table tonight was Blueberry Jam Cookie Sour. The name seems a little intense but if you’re into sours, you should give it a try. Tiff liked it enough that she bought some a few days later when she was on a beer run. 

Overall, Three Heads Brewing is a must for the Rochester region. The beer is great, the staff friendly, and the brand was cool. I would like to revisit in a normal summer setting when it’s bustling with people and you can sit outside. Add a tie dye Bills t-shirt to one of your packaging and I think Three Heads would move towards the top of our favorites list.

Overall: 6.6/10.
Beer: 5/5.
Bills: 0/5.
Food: n/a.
Service: 4/5.
Venue: 3.75/5.
Price: 3.75/5.

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