Amber Lantern Brewing Company

Location: Warsaw, NY

So our “Guess the Brewery” on Instagram for Amber Lantern did not go well. Usually, people guess it correctly right away but I don’t know if our clue wasn’t clear or it was just too hard but there were so many misses… Anyways, let’s get into it. 

This week the babes are discussing Amber Lantern Brewing Company in Warsaw. In preparation for these posts, I usually do a little background research on the brewery. You know, just finding a brief overview. But I couldn’t find a website… Do they not have a website? It’s 2021 y’all… If I can build a website, you can too. (P.S. If you work at Amber Lantern and want a simple site, hit us up and we can help you!)

The babes headed here for a weeknight dinner and let me tell you the place was quiet. Even for a weeknight. With that being said, we expect covid to be a major factor in this because the aesthetic inside was welcoming and had all the elements of a good after work drink spot. (Cough cough, dart board.)

We started out with flights and a Banana Pepper Crunch Roll appetizer- which was unique and yummy. Not something we’d always order but definitely a good change up. We all agreed the beer menu wasn’t our favorite. It was minimal and had a stout and porter from what we can remember. They did have a beer that hated on Tom Brady hated, so you know we loved that. Remember: Anti-Patriots/Tom Brady is the equivalent of a Bills mafia presence. They also had a sweet vintage bills flag hanging up.

Overall, Amber Lantern Brewing Company is somewhere you might stop by if in the area. It has a great hometown bar feel but we’re into the hole-in-the-wall breweries. 

Let us know your thoughts! 

Overall: 7.6/10.
Beer: 2.5/5.
Bills: 4/5.
Food: 4.5/5.
Service: 4/5.
Venue: 5/5.
Price: 3/5.

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