Roc Brewing Company

Location: Rochester, NY

WARNING: This post does contain dialogue about wieners. 

Not those types of wieners, hot dogs! Ya nasty!!! Specifically, ones sold by FLX Wienery at Roc Brewing!

Roc Brewing is located on Union Street in downtown Rochester. The location feels like a college town and we enjoyed people watching in the very visible apartments across the street. The inside had a very hipster vibe with cool colors and chic decor. Honestly, it reminded Krista of what a brewery would look like if her regular 9-5 owned it. Also something to note: we went in the winter and it was quite chilly inside. Might be good to bring a jacket!

We were surprised by the variety of beer that was available. They also came in cool colors. Two of the babes and a bud (Hi Tara!) tried a blue raspberry beer that was green and tasted like a jolly rancher. We definitely recommend. Otherwise, lots of IPAs were on our flights.

Okay, let’s talk about the weiners. It said online that the menu was limited but we didn’t know how limited. Basically they had Zwiegles and chips. They weren’t bad, it just wasn’t as quirky or fresh as we would have wanted. And it was kind of expensive considering how much you can buy a package of hotdogs for at the grocery store…

Roc Brewing isn’t a place we are running back to but I’m intrigued to keep up what they are doing!!

In other news, the Bills and Brews Babes launched their official logo this week! It’s posted online and on our instagram if you haven’t seen it. To celebrate this launch, we are doing a giveaway! A Bills and Brews Babes glass, a key chain made by Tara, and a couple of gift cards are up for grabs. Check out our instagram for all the details and to enter! 🙂

Overall: 5.6/10.
Beer: 4/5.
Bills: 0/5.
Food: 2/5.
Service 5/5.
Venue: 4/5.
Price: 2/5. 

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