Eli Fish Brewing Company

Location: Batavia, NY

This week our brewery is Eli Fish Brewing Company in Batavia. For those of you who don’t know, Batavia is right off the NYS Thruway smack dab in the middle of Buffalo and Rochester. It’s also the city we all grew up around. For us, it’s very easy to get to and somewhere we’ve been many times. So here’s the tea:

When Eli Fish opened in 2018, it was an exciting event for our area to finally have a brewery. Walking inside then and now, the atmosphere does not disappoint. It’s a combination of classy but chill. It’s always well maintained and has various options of seating when operating regularly. You can grab a seat at the bar, grab a table, join some more communal seating or head to the back to play cornhole and stand. Sometimes they even have live music. It’s got something for everyone. 

When it comes to the beer, Eli Fish has quite the variety with around 20 options including everything from ales to IPAs, sours to stouts. Of course, we ordered flights to try a few. Krista was a bit disappointed that the table menu beer list didn’t match the bar. So when she ordered an IPA, it came as a stout. That’s definitely a disappointment and something that happens often. Make sure to double check with the waitstaff when ordering!

Other than that, the beers were okay. Some were definitely better than others and some were ones we’d skip. The babes all agreed it’s a brewery where we want to find our favorite beer and keep ordering that.

Similarly to the beer, you got to find the right food options. When we ordered last time, it was a range from delicious to not so much. We recommend the French Onion Soup and any specials- especially if a Turkey Bacon melt is on the menu. 

Last but not least, the service. If we are being completely honest… it’s hit or miss. Everyone we’ve had has been very friendly. But when you’re seated at a table, it feels like your waitress is a little overwhelmed and isn’t around much. Sitting at the bar is a totally different story- the bartenders are always friendly and always on top of it!

All in all, I think it’s fair to say that Eli Fish is still getting its footing in Batavia. It’s not the easiest city to adapt too but we hope it succeeds and paves the way for more restaurants and breweries to open.

Overall: 4.6/10
Beer: 2/5.
Bills: 0/5. BOO!
Food: 3/5.
Service: 2/5.
Venue: 4/5.
Price: 3/5.

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