Big Inlet Brewing

Location: Mayville, NY

Hello Friends!

If you joined the search party to see where the Bills and Brews Babes, please go home. We aren’t lost. We’ve all been busy packing. (And after a day of packing, you don’t want to be typing.) We are all in the process of moving, which is crazy since none of us live together now and none of us are moving in together.

Since it’s been a while, we wanted to bring you a strong brewery: Big Inlet Brewing. Big Inlet is located in Mayville, NY which is south of Buffalo and close to Chautauqua Lake. (P.S. I know how to spell a lot of Buffalo’s difficult words but that I had to look up.)

We loved Big Inlet! This is like a top five brewery for us. It has everything we love all wrapped up in one. It gives us all the feels of what we’d want in our own brewery. See below for many photos!

All the staff we encountered was extremely friendly. They had a great selection of brews and the bartender really took time to ask us what we liked and explained his recommendations. He also told Liz and Tiff which beer was a combination of others so they could have a two for one try. Also extra points for the flight carriers. Very cool. 

It was a bit chilly the day we visited, so we sat inside. The brewery is located in an old tin barn, but the inside feels like warm log cabin. There is plenty of seating and a small upstairs that includes lots of board games and books. The babes shuffled through some of them even picking up some fun facts.

We sat outside after for a bit when the sun was at its highest. We grabbed some barbecue from Big Melch’s food trucks. We all agreed this place would be a must in the summer and fall. I can’t even begin to imagine how beautiful it will be with the changing leaves. Add in some live music and more friends and that’s our kind of night. We also read they are planning to expand with a bier garten and a pond which will only make this place cooler!

If you are in the area, please make sure to swing by if you can!

Overall: 8.2/10.
Beer: 4/5
Bills: 2.5/5. They had a Bills magnet!
Food: N/A. They did have a food truck on site. We didn’t incorporate it into the rating since it’s not a standing part of the brewery. Big Melch’s is worth it though!
Service: 5/5.
Venue: 4/5.
Price: 5/5. Well worth the price!

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