An Update!

Wow! It’s been a while since we’ve posted on our website and our instagram. All three of the babes have been extremely busy over these past few weeks and have all been through some big changes. What types of changes, you may ask? Well for starters, we all moved! Which is crazy since none of us lived together before and none of us are living together now. We should have rebranded as the Bills and Boxes Babes with all the packing and unloading that’s gone on. So here’s a little look into what we’ve all been doing.

Two major things have happened in Krista’s life: She got a new job AND she has officially moved back to Western New York. She spent most of the past month and a half in Alexandria, Virginia packing up her apartment and tying up loose ends. While she was there, she kayaked on the Potomac, explored the monuments at night, and slightly injured herself at the Arboretum. (No alcohol was involved in this fall though.) She also tried some great local brews and is excited to share them with everyone! (Hint hint: Port City Brewing is a favorite.) She’s currently crashing with her family but is hoping to move to Buffalo at the end of summer.

You may have seen on Instagram that Liz just celebrated a birthday. But that’s not the most exciting news for Liz. She just closed on and moved into her own home! She has been in the process of purchasing this historic house in our hometown for the past few months and is thrilled to finally be in it and making it her own. Although she’s not fully settled yet, she’s put up plenty of Bills memorabilia and already celebrated with a Bills themed birthday bash! Work at the family hasn’t slowed down either, as the shop is wrapping up things on three Turbo Top Harvesters.

Last but not least, Tiffanie has been finishing up her final paper for school! It’s the final step before she officially closes the last chapter on her nursing journey. Don’t worry, it hasn’t been all work and no play. In her free time, she’s been hanging at the dog park, attending birthday parties, and even fitting in a baseball game. She’s excited her move is complete and is enjoying being settled for the time being! 

That’s just a summary of the many moving parts of the our lives recently. (Did you see that pun?) We’ve been excited to share it with you but was waiting until it was officially official and the i’s were dotted and t’s crossed. Although it’s been a bit chaotic, we’ve still been working on ideas for the future. We’re pumped for the fall and have been workshopping different things to do such as expanding platforms, a BBB fantasy league, and potentially travelling for a primetime away game… Any guesses where?

We are thrilled for the next chapters in our lives but are ready to get back to our regularly scheduled programming of breweries, beers, and the Buffalo Bills! Cheers!

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