Ellicottville Brewing Company

Location: Ellicottville, NY

EBC! EBC! This week we’re chatting about Ellicottville Brewing Company, which is one of the more well known breweries in our area. If you’re from WNY, Ellicottville is known for two things: skiing and the brewery. We were pumped to see what the hype was about since all the cool kids go to Ellicottville and because Liz loves their Blueberry beer. Let’s get into it.

To start off the adventure, Liz grabbed a flight with a blueberry beer, some IPAs and a lager. Her blueberry beer even came with blueberries in it! Definitely extra points for that! She already knew she liked one on the flight but really enjoyed all the beers she tasted. Another thing that was great was the flight design. It was larger than other flights we’ve had and it was circular with the glasses fitting in. What can we say, we really like unique flights! Sarah, Liz’s sister and bud of the blog joined us and grabbed a cider. Krista sat this one out since she wasn’t feeling great.

When it came to the food, us babes all ordered french onion soup and an order of guacamole to split. We were pleasantly surprised by both! The three of us love our french onion soup and be a bit particular about so our blessing doesn’t come lightly. (We were going to do a french onion soup blog if this one didn’t pan out… kidding!!) The guacamole didn’t disappoint either with its taste and portion size! 

The EBC hype is there for a reason since it’s a really cool place! It’s definitely not a hole in the wall brewery that we usually gravitate towards but it truly combined corporate/established with down to earth brewery vibes very well. If you’re visiting Ellicottville or passing through, we highly suggest stopping in for a brew and some food.

Overall: 8/10
Beer: 5/5
Bills: 0/5
Food: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Venue 5/5
Price: 4/5

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