Southern Tier Brewing Company

Location: Lakewood, NY

We’re discussing another one of the more well known breweries this week: Southern Tier Brewing Company. Southern Tier’s flagship location is located south of Buffalo (Which is called the Southern Tier) in Lakewood. Since their opening in 2002, they’ve expanded to other major cities like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Charlotte. What’s even more exciting is STBC recently announced they are opening a new taproom in downtown Buffalo at the former spot of 716. According to an article on their website, STBC is planning on keeping a lot of the spot the same with updates including “onsite brewing, an enhanced craft beer experience, and a retail area for merchandise and “to go” sales of beer and spirits. The new taproom will have a from-scratch, beer inspired food menu, and pour a full line of Southern Tier beers, ciders, seltzers and spirits. The new taproom will continue to be a premier place for Buffalo sports fans to come and support their teams.” The babes can’t wait to visit this new taproom and wouldn’t mind stopping by the others located outside the state!

For the time being let’s talk about Lakewood. The location was a little off the beaten path in an odd but good way and the tasting room is tucked behind the main entrance. Once inside any oddities fade away with a very cool outdoorsy themed space. It was smaller than we expected but perhaps it’s because it’s just a tasting room. We read online they do have another room for private events that fits 50 people. I’m curious what type of events are held there. 

We were shocked by how small the food menu was. I’m not sure if they were just complying with state standards at the time or if they keep it compact regularly. We grabbed an order of nachos, which were very delicious. 

The staff was super friendly! They talked with each of the babes and helped us select the best beers to add to our flights. They answered all of our questions and checked in on us regularly. 

There was a clear standout when it came to the beer: Strawberry Dream. This is a strawberry milkshake IPA and it was excellent. It was smooth, not overpowering, and had an authentic strawberry taste. Krista was turned off by the lactose included at first but after trying it she was hooked. Liz even purchased a four pack after! 

We can see why Southern Tier is a popular establishment in the area and if you’re in the area, you should definitely stop by!

Overall: 7.6/10
Beer: 4.5/5
Bills: 0/5
Food: 4.5/5 
Service: 5/5
Venue: 4.5/5
Price: 4.2/5

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