How do we review our experiences?

It’s based on 6 elements we are look at when we stop by.


It’s not just about how the beer tastes. It’s so much more than that! We look at the variety of beers available, how they flow together, what’s recommended, how complex they are and more.


Service can make or break an experience. What we are looking for here is how friendly staff was and how quickly things came out. (Within reason of course!)


This one is pretty obvious but we are looking for whatever sign of #billsmafia we can. Is the shout song playing? Is there a Bills themed beer? (Anti-Pats is just as good!) Do they have posters hanging? Are employees sporting bills masks? It all counts!


AKA atmosphere. What’s the vibe? Is it low-key? Welcoming? Perhaps, hipster? Is parking easily available? Is it clean? How was the women’s bathroom. It all gets wrapped up in this one.


How was the food? Was it fresh? Was there a good variety of items available? Did we stop for McD’s on the way home? Overall impressions. Note: this category isn’t applicable to all breweries as some don’t normally serve food. We’re not going to hold that against them.


We all work hard for our money, so is it worth your coin? We look at what we purchased and how much it cost to see where it lands. The babes are always hunting for a bargain!

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